The final event for dissemination of the results of the AVCA project was held with great interest

The final event for dissemination of the results of the project “Violence in Childhood and Adolescence: Assessment, Prevention and Overcoming – Positive Psychology Approach-AVCA” was held on October 2, 2020 (Friday) in Burgas. The interest in the conference was extremely high, so the conference hall could not accommodate all those wishing to attend, and the hosts provided the terrace of the cultural center “Sea Casino”, which housed more than 40 participants, who also had the opportunity to watch the presentations and the speeches. Thus, over 130 guests took part in the project event, which we titled “Strategies and tools to limit aggressive behavior at school.” Among the numerous visitors were teachers from primary and secondary schools, school principals, pedagogical advisors, psychologists, university professors, pedagogy students, experts from the Municipality of Burgas, as well as from the local commissions for combating anti-social behavior of minors from the cities of Burgas, Pomorie, Aheloy, Primorsko and others. Teachers from Plovdiv also took part, as well as representatives of non-governmental organizations working with children.

The event was opened by Maria Goranova, Chairman of the Board of NARHU and project coordinator, and an official greeting to the participants was given by the Secretary of the Local Commission for Combating Anti-Social Behavior of Minors-Burgas, Desislava Vasileva. The program continued with a presentation of the AVCA project and its final intellectual results, followed by a demonstration of the Online Tool for Assessing Students’ Propensity for Aggression. In addition to the presentation of the tool, Evgenia Petkova, who took an active part in its testing and shared her experience and impressions as a teacher of its application with students of different ages.

As part of the presentation of Intellectual Outcome 2 (IO2) Handbook “Prevention of Violence in Schools”, our partner Karel Van Isaker from PhoenixKM spoke about the practices for successfully dealing with aggression in schools in Flanders, Belgium. An interesting focus in his presentation was the sharing of the Belgian experience in dealing with modern forms, such as cyberbullying.

In the 2nd part of the event were presented other initiatives related to the application of the principles of inclusive education and universal design of teaching, ensuring equal participation in the educational process of all students.


In the final part of the conference the possibilities for sustainable use of the results of the AVCA project were discussed and the discussion passed with great interest from the experts working with children. Representatives of many schools and local commissions for combating anti-social behavior of minors declared their willingness and willingness to use the tool and manual in their daily work with students with a tendency to aggressive behavior. Shortly before the official closing, everyone united around the idea that when children feel respected and included in the group and the class, they themselves contribute to the favorable microclimate at school. The responsibility for the prevention of aggressive behavior belongs to teachers, parents and peers of vulnerable children. Everyone agreed that projects like AVCA were a sure step towards reducing aggressive behavior at school. After the official closing, the participants were invited to a short cocktail party to strengthen the acquaintances, as well as to continue the conversations in an informal atmosphere.

The event was held in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures against the spread of COVID-19, and the presentations can be downloaded from the site. A full recording of the event can be viewed on the AVCA project’s Facebook page.

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