ST4ALL (2018-2020)


ST4ALL-Sports Training for All



Start date: 01 October 2018
Duration: 34 months


  • National association of professionals working with people with disabilities, Bulgaria
  • Rijeka sports association for persons with disabilities, Croatia
  • Inonu University – School of Physical Education and Sports, Turkey
  • Vienna Association of Educational Volunteers, Austria
  • “St. Paisii Hilendarski” Secondary School, Bulgaria
  • TOLBO VZW, Belguim

Aims and objectives

ST4ALL aims to enhance the training skills of sports trainers when working with youth with a spectrum of disabilities. Attention to both physical and psychological aspects of their involvement in sport activities and their therapeutic aspects will be explored. Even though barriers were predominantly environmental and facilitators were personal, the experienced barriers and facilitators depended on age and type of disability. When advising people about sports participation, not just the age and disability type should be considered, but also environmental and societal barriers.

Target groups

Direct target:

  • sport youth leaders and workers that are organising sports activities as part of leisure and recreational activities within (inclusive) youth and sports organisations.
  • current active sports / physical education trainers in special education/inclusive/mainstream schools
  • family members that want to also undertake sport activities outside school with their children with disabilities, and that embrace the abilities of their children, instead of focusing on the disability (based on positive psychology)


  • youth (aged between 5 and 18) with disabilities
  • visual impairments
  • hearing impairments
  • mobility impairments
  • communication impairments
  • learning disabilities (as long as they can attend regular/inclusive schools) (mainly a-type autism, down syndrome, etc.)
  • complex impairments (multiple)


  • Database of inclusive sports practices in schools/youth organizations
  • Development of ST4ALL curriculum
  • Mobile and online self-assessment tool to support the grassroots’ sports trainer in assessing the studied material
  • Mobile learning application integrated via online learning portal and community platform

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