Speech Pathology Tools (2017- 2020)

Speech Pathology Tools

Speech Pathology Tools-Speech and Language Pathology Interactive Tools for Teachers at Initial Education

Website: http://www.speechpathologytools.eu/


Start date: 01 September 2017
Duration: 36 months


  • Leonardo da Vinci First Private School, Bulgaria
  • REDVET, Turkey
  • Angel Kanchev” University of Ruse, Bulgaria
  • Nottingham Trent University (NTU), Great Britain
  • PhoenixKM BVBA, Belgium
  • National Association of Professionals Working with People with Disabilities (NARHU), Bulgaria
  • SoftQNR, Serbia
  • University Rehabilitation Institute, Republic of Slovenia

Aims and objectives

  • Increasing educational chances of children with speech and language impairments/problems by creating a pre-assessment mechanism for use by teachers at nursery and primary schools.
  • Intervening at the earliest stages of speech and language development (from age 4 to 10) by appropriate language support and therapy.
  • Helping children to fully benefit from education with a speech and language pathology online tool that will include mobile assessment, practical exercises and gamification aspects.

Target groups

Direct users:

  • Kindergarten and pre-primary school teachers
  • Primary school teachers
  • Psychological consultants
  • Speech and language therapists / Logopedists
  • Special education teachers


  • Children with disabilities
  • Their parents
  • NGOs and institutions working about childhood pedagogy
  • Educational authorities
  • Community centers
  • Academicians


  • Speech and Language Therapy Childhood Education Report
  • Benchmarks for Speech and Language Therapy Education
  • Speech and Language Therapy Online Tools
  • Resource Pack for Teachers at Initial Education
  • Usability Evaluation Report

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