SOS Fire (2018-2022)


SOS Fire Training-SOS Fire! European Training Course for school pupils on fire prevention and first aids through civic engagement



Start Date: 01 October 2018
End Date: 31 March 2022


  • The Open Network for Community Development Foundation, Romania
  • Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal (IPS), Portugal
  • ADR-Vlaanderen, Belgium
  • NARHU, Bulgaria

Aims and objectives

  • Recognition of risk situation
  • Transform a risk situation into a safe situation
  • Recognizing sources of danger
  • Evacuation: how to act, evacuate and leave in a fast and safe manner
  • Calling for the emergency services
  • How to react in case of accident (burns/scalds)

Target groups

  • Primary school pupils
  • Secondary school pupils
  • School staff: teachers, head teachers, administrative staff, pedagogues, etc.
  • Parents and families – Local communities: local authorities, fire brigades, hospitals, social workers,
    NGOs working with deprived communities, etc.
  • European community at large


  • Training programmes for primary school teachers and children and training programmes for secondary school teachers and children.
  • SOS Fire! Material for primary school children and SOS Fire! Material for secondary school children.
  • Roadmap and interactive mobile application

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