SIM project (2019-2022)

SIM project – Social inclusion marketing Project


Start date: 01 September 2019
End date:
31 August 2022


  • Associacao De Paralisia Cerebral Decoimbra Ipss, Portugal
  • Sdruzenije Na Na Raboteshtite S Hora S Uvrezhdaniya, Bulgaria
  • Universitat De Valencia, Spain
  • Universita Della Svizzera Italiana, Switzerland

Aims and objectives

  • To assess the real training needs of the social educators related to social marketing and social inclusion.
  • To develop an innovative and useful social inclusion marketing training materials for social educators and training decision-takers.
  • To develop and validate a new training methodology: SIM learning case study.
  • To develop and validate a new SIM pedagogical strategy.
  • To improve the competences of social services workforce in social inclusion marketing.
  • To implement social marketing methodologies and techniques in social sector organizations.
  • To develop pedagogical materials to promote the transparency of the qualifications the in European Union.
  • To show the social community good practices and examples of how to adapt marketing techniques and strategies into the social sector.
  • To explore the options to integrate social marketing in the curricula of University of Valencia.
  • To explore the possibilities of launching the first social marketing postgrade degree in UV.


  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Sim Handbook And Learning Case Studies
  • Sim Pedagogical Strategy
  • Sim MOOC Course

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