PSYCHOMOTORTRAINING-ECVET compliant psycho-motorics training



Start date: 01 November 2020
18 months


  • University Of Plovdiv “P. Hilendarski”, Bulgaria
  • National Association Of Professionals Working With People With Disabilities, Bulgaria
  • ET “Analitichna Zona – Stanimira Nacheva”, Bulgaria
  • Rehab Exp Saglik Muhendislik Danismanlik, Turkey
  • PhoenixKM BVBA, Belgium
  • Instituto Piaget – Cooperativa Para Desenvolvimento Humano Integral E Ecológico, Portugal

Aims and objectives

  • The project aims to provide an ECVET psycho-motorics training, for trainers to ensure that they will be able to support the mental, motor, psychosocial, emotional, speech and language development of children with disabilities or at risk of developmental delays.
  • By ensuring an increasing number of psycho-motorics therapy experts, psycho-motorics expertise will be aggregated and taught across Balkan countries and Turkey.
  • To deploy the psychomotricity approach by professionals as physiotherapy and physical activity
  • To develop course training and supported training didactic videos for the provision of further ECVET based training in the field of psychomotor education/training.
  • To provide additional knowledge, skills and competences to the project target groups, which will impact on affective, psychomotor, and cognitive areas of support provided to clients with disabilities.

Target groups

Direct target:

  • Physiotherapists
  • Ergotherapists
  • Psychologists
  • Psychotherapists
  • Pedagogues
  • Students of above disciplines


  • Infants at risk and children with neurodevelopmental delay, minor neurological dysfunction and developmental coordination disorder
  • Children with typical development (here psychomotor aims to develop the mental, motor, cognitive, etc. development)
  • Children with severe mental illness (generalized disorders, cognitive impairments, etc.)
  • Children with learning disabilities (dyslexia, dyspraxia, etc.)
  • Children with emotional and behavioural disorders
  • Families and/or caregivers of affected children


  • ECVET compliant curriculum and course material
  • Digital compendium of didactic training videos

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