PSYCH UP (2018-2021)





  • INFREP, France
  • ADIS, France
  • AID, Belgium
  • IDIVAL, Spain
  • Institute of Psychosocial Development, Greece
  • NARHU, Bulgaria
  • Patronatos San Vincenzo, Italia

Aims and objectives

  • Expansion of the state educational standard of the specialty “7620202 Social work with children and adults with insults and chronic diseases”
  • Creating an instrument to support professionals in the field of vocational training and adult training


  • Training of professionals for providing support for translators and persons with mental disorders in the centers for education of adult and professional training
  • Providing more adapted support for students affected by mental disorders
  • Development of the generality of the practices of the European equation on the topic of mental disorders
  • Focusing on the exchange of good practice at European level

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