MENTAP (2020-2022)


MENTAP-Mental well-being and health training for carers of people with disabilities and elderly people



Start date: 31 December 2020
Duration: 24 months


  • Hacettepe Universitesi, Turkey
  • Rehab Exp Saglik Muhendislik Danismanlik Ltd Sti, Turkey
  • PhoenixKM BVBA, Belgium
  • National Association Of Professionals Working With Disabled People, Bulgaria

Aims and objectives

  • The project focuses on the social, mental, physical well-being, health and sustainable development of a carer, with a training that addresses a (w)holistic thinking whereby we move from the imagination to the real, (the imaginary is real!) and embrace a “trans-disciplinary thinking” focused towards recognizing the mental and physical strengths of carers.
  • The MENTAP training is usable across Europe and will have an immediate impact on the more than 19 millions carers in Europe that are at risk of developing mental health disorders.
  • The training materials that will be developed will allow for classroom teaching, but also individually (online/mobile learning), to embrace this positive approach, giving access to a range of supportive exercises, both physical and mental, provided via an intuitive mobile application.

Target groups

Direct target:

  • (in)formal caregivers
  • supportive staff
  • nurses
  • parents
  • psychologists
  • (special) educators
  • social workers
  • counselors/coaches/mentors (in a broad sense) (for those who have a bachelor’s/master’s degree in psychology , pedagogy , medicine , sports, social activities and want to further develop in this area)
  • all who work with people with disabilities


  • people with disabilities
  • older people
  • their family members


  • MENTAP curriculum and “Train the trainers” handbook
  • Coping strategies and relevant self assessment realised through interactive illustrated wizard embedded via mobile/online application
  • Impact and best practices methodological guidelines

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