INCLUEDUSEX (2018-2021)


INCLUEDUSEX-Supportive training course and self-help groups of parents of youth with physical and learning disabilities on sexual education, techniques and appropriate behavior



Start date: 03 December 2018
End date: 02 November 2021


  • Universidad Complutense De Madrid, Madrid, Spain
  • National Association Of Professionals Working With People With Disabilities, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • Kotsiras Anastasios – Nurbs, Athens, Greece
  • Phoenixkm Bvba, Kortemark, Belgium

Aims and objectives

  • To equip parents with an appropriate sexual education programme and training materials that will enable the process of “educating” their pupils with disabilities to understand and manage their sexuality and express it in an appropriate way.
  • To enable parents to guide their pupils with disabilities to experience full human capabilities.
  • To prevent potential risks of sexual assault, inappropriate exploitation, sexually transmissible infections/diseases and unplanned pregnancy at a much higher rate than the rest of the population.

Target groups

Direct target:

  • Adult training providers: coordinators, developers, trainers
  • Parents of people with disabilities
  • Social workers


  • Youth with disabilities
  • Parents of youth with disabilities
  • Local and regional authorities
  • Policy makers


  • Parental sexual education training course
  • Guide for professional supporting parents and their children with disabilities in terms of sexual education
  • Handbook “How to create and manage a self-support parental groups on the topic of inclusive sexual education?”
  • Android based mobile application – 24/7 offer help on solutions per specific problem in terms of inclusive sexual education

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