DEMOER (2019-2022)


DEMOER-Innovative mobile adults training for family members of people suffering of dementia



Start date: 1 November 2019
End date:
30 April 2022


  • Universidad Complutense De Madrid, Spain
  • National Association Of Professionals Working With People With Disabilities, Bulgaria
  • Eurocy Innovations Ltd., Cyprus
  • Rehab Exp Saglik Muhendislik Danismanlik Ltd Sti, Turkey
  • Phoenixkm Bvba, Belgium

Aims and objectives

  • to raise awareness among partners countries and on EU level about the importance of providing informal training to adult family members to understand and provide better support to their family member with dementia;
  • to enable the acquisition of additional key and transversal competences of the adult population in a informal setting;
  • to provide reliable material to adult volunteering organisations who are supporting adult volunteers that care about elderly with dementia;
  • to develop online and mobile learning material and supporting online and mobile platforms;
  • to decrease the social and economic burden to the families of elderly people with dementia.

Target groups

Direct target:

  • adults (aged 16-29) who are caring (non-formally) about their family member affected by dementia
  • adult trainers and educators, coordinators/ managers of volunteering NGOs who are providing non-formal care services


  • people with dementia, their families, NGOs/Unions of people with disabilities and elderly people, policy makers in the field of health and social care


  • Adult guide “How to support your family member with dementia”
  • Wizard style open mobile application – 24/7 help on solutions per specific problem
  • Guidance Toolkit for Adult trainers with methodological support on the delivery of the DEMOER course

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