CP-CARE-Specialised ECVET Training of Caregivers for People with Cerebral Palsy

Website: https://www.cpcare.eu/


Start date: 01 September 2016
36 months


  • Gazi University (Turkey)
  • PhoenixKM BVBA (Belgium)
  • Bilge Special Education And Rehabilitation Clinic (Turkey)
  • Spastic Children Foundation Of Turkey (Turkey)
  • Serçev- Association For Children With Cerebral Palsy (Turkey)
  • Asociacıon Espanola De Fisioterapeutas (Spain)
  • National Association Of Professıonals Working With People With Dısabilities (Bulgaria)

Aims and objectives

The aim of the CP-Care project is therefore to establish a common and standardized curriculum and/or training program for personal care givers in the care and rehabilitation of CP affected children. This will also help the children to become more socialized and accepted by the people in their social life. CP-Care will structure the care and rehabilitation according to the needs and the type of every single children with cerebral palsy.

Target groups

Direct target:

  • nurses / physiotherapists


  • people diagnosed with cerebral palsy


  • CP-CARE Scoping didactic framework
  • CP-Care curriculum, training course and assessment mechanism (ECVET based)
  • CP-Care mobile application for Android tab

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