AVCA (2018-2020)


AVCA – Violence in Childhood and Adolescence: Assessment, Prevention and Overcoming – Positive Psychology Approach


Website: https://endschoolviolence.eu/

Start date: 03 December 2018
Duration: 24 months


  • National Association Of Professionals Working With Disabled People, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • ZAMS – Zavod Antona Martina Slomska, Maribor, Slovenia
  • Directorate of secondary education, Karditsa, Greece
  • VIBSO Waregem, Waregem, Belgium
  • PhoenixKM, Kortemark, Belgium

Aims and objectives

  • Develop prevention programme for violence:
    • To protect from violence via changing the value of the other.
    • To disclose risk factors and paths of development of different types and possible preventive pathways of violence in childhood and adolescence.
    • To create online/mobile assessment tool for professionals to detect risks factors related to violence.
    • To make age-relevant prevention programes (different age groups require different prevention approach/methodology) 3-6 (pre-school), 7-12 (school), 13-18 years (youth).
  • To create online/mobile resource portal for professionals with exercises, training courses, case studies, prevention exercises and activities to be used in group with students.

Target groups

Direct target:

  • Teachers
  • Professionals working with youngsters with deviant behavior
  • School psychologists
  • School counsellors


  • Students (7-18 years old)
  • Their parents
  • Educational authorities
  • Wider society


  • Online/mobile portal “Centre for the prevention of violence in school environment” (for professionals working with students with violent behavior or tendencies) + Online/mobile tool to assess the student’s exposure to violence
  • Handbook “Protective and risk factors of development of different types and possible prevention towards violence”
  • Exploitation and mainstreaming event

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