AI-TOP kick-off meeting

AI-TOP kick-off

On 14th and 15th December 2020 was the online kick-off meeting of our project “An AI Tool to Predict Engagement and ‘Meltdown’ Events in Students with Autism (AI TOP)”, with participants from the UK, Belgium, Bulgaria and Serbia.



We kicked off our project with an online meeting on 23 November 2020, bringing together partners from Belgium, Bulgaria, Portugal and Turkey.

Final Multiplier event of MEDVET project held in Bulgaria


The National Association of professionals working with people with Disabilities organised the final Multiplier event to disseminate the results of the MEDVET project in two parts, on 22/10/2020 and 29/10/2020, respectively. It was organized in two cities – Pleven and…
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Speech Pathology Tools multiplier event in Bulgaria

Speech Pathology Tools

The final Multiplier event of the project was held virtually on 17th July through ZOOM platform. 79 people attended, among them were primary school teachers, kindergarten teachers, speech therapists, parents, representatives of various associations and organizations working with children from…
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