• Specialists who have the necessary professional qualifications and experience to work with people with disabilities.
  • Students whose training is related to working with people with disabilities.
  • Parents, close relatives of people with disabilities and personal assistants.
  • A natural or legal person can be an “associated member” of the association, if it meets the following criteria: shares the goals of the association and the means to achieve them; adopts its statutes; supports the activities of the association; disseminates information about the association and its activities.
  • The procedure for admission of a new member of the association is opened upon receipt of a written application for membership to the board, which is accompanied by a declaration that the candidate meets the requirements for membership in the association, accepts and complies with the statutes and other internal acts of the association, and the legal person – and a decision for participation in the association of its competent body.

If you want to become our member, please download and complete the membership application (in Bulgarian).

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