• Conducting research related to the development and improvement of the quality of life of people with disabilities, through practical experience, interventions and didactic technologies in the field of working with people with disabilities.
  • Providing training materials related to working with people with disabilities.
  • Providing various qualification courses, workshops, trainings, seminars, programs for the development of competencies, necessary for working with people with disabilities.
  • Supervision of those working with people with disabilities.
  • Practices for development of professional competencies.
  • Support, expressed in career counseling, monitoring.
  • Development of curricula for the development of people with disabilities;
  • Providing opportunities for publishing research in the field of social work;
  • Supporting the building of research teams.
  • Participation in Bulgarian and international programs and projects related to the association’s activities.
  • Providing standards for research.
  • Sharing and disseminating good practices.
  • Participation in local and foreign organizations and establishment of unions, federations, associations and partner networks, individuals, legal entities and associations from the country and abroad with a similar mission and subject of activity.

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